Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are the HOA fees?

A. The quarterly assessment for HOA fees for 2017 is set at $606.00 ($202.00 per month) per Lot. Fees should be payable to "Village Walk South of Vero Beach Homeowners Association, Inc." and either given to the Treasurer of the Association or mailed to 602 6th Avenue, Vero Beach Fl 32962. The Association's fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year.  Any adjustment in fees will normally occur at the beginning of a fiscal year. The amount of the fee is set by the Board of Directors, usually in the last meeting preceding each fiscal year.

Q. Why do we pay HOA fees?

A. The HOA fees pay for property/liability insurance, pool upkeep, clubhouse utilities, professional fees, taxes on common property, maintenance, landscaping and numerous other expenses incurred by the Association.

Q. Are Board members or Committee members paid?

A. No. All work performed by Board and Committee members is done on a volunteer basis.

Q. At what hours is the pool open?

A. The pool is open daily from dawn to dusk. The pool permit allows the pool to be open only during daylight hours.

Q. How do I get a pool key?

A. The gate to the pool area is equipped with a combination lock. Please ask a board member or another resident for the combination, which is changed from time to time.

Q. Do I need permission to use the clubhouse for a private function.

A. Yes. A deposit of $100 must be paid in advance to cover damage or cleaning. Contact Hank Schulte to make arrangements:
hhschulte@ispez.net The form of Club House Reservation Agreement is available elsewhere on this website under "Documents".

Q. Do I need approval before I make a change on the exterior of my home?

A. Yes. All exterior improvements to your property must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), before they are started, including changes or additions to landscaping.  The current Chair of ARC is Norma Cortonesi.

Q. How do I get approval for an exterior improvement?

A. By providing the ARC with a complete written description of the proposed improvement, including scaled diagrams as may be necessary. The proposal can be given to any member of the ARC for review. The application forms are available elsewhere on this website, under Documents.

Q. Are satellite dishes permitted in Village Walk South?

A. Yes. Satellite dishes are permitted at the rear of a house only. Please consult the rules for details on method and location of attachment. Television antennas are not permitted. The Rules are available for viewing under the Menu Heading, "Documents", in the sidebar.

Q. Am I allowed to park on the streets within Village Walk South?

A. There are two visitors' parking areas - at the Club House and on 7th Street, which together provide about 8 parking spaces.  The spaces are for guests only.  That is, they are not intended for the regular use of the residents.  Certain areas of the development are designated as fire lanes and signage has been posted to indicate that. Street parking is generally permitted elsewhere, except that laneways may not be blocked and no overnight parking is permitted on the street, ever. Offenders may have their vehicles ticketed.

Q. Can I park my boat, camper, trailer, sea-doo, 4-wheeler in my driveway, backyard or on the street?

A. No. Recreational vehicles and trailers cannot be parked in driveways, backyards or on the street. Boats and trailers kept on your property must be stored in your garage, with the door closed.

Q. Are pets permitted in VWS?

A. Yes, but each household is limited to two pets. Certain dog species are prohibited. Please consult the Rules (elsewhere on this website) for details.

Q. Does the Association have an annual meeting?

A. Yes. The Annual Association Meeting is in March of each year. You will receive a notice, before the meeting, listing the date, time and place of the meeting.

Q. What is the function of the chain-link gate at the end of 7th Street.

A. The gate controls access from a ramp leading from Indian River Boulevard. It is locked at all times. The purpose of the gate is to allow access to the fire department and other emergency service providers, who have keys for the locks.

Q. How do I operate the telephone entry system at the gates?

A. When the gates are activated, a visitor can use the telephone entry box to call up a display of residents' names. Beside each name is a 3-digit code. The visitor dials the code and the resident's telephone will ring. Once communication is established, if the resident wishes to admit the visitor, he or she dials "9", which will cause the gates to open. Then simply hang up.

Q. How can I serve in the community?

A. By contacting one of the committee chairs and expressing your interest in working on a committee.

Q. If I have a problem, who do I contact?

A. You can go to the Contact Information section of the website and e-mail the the Property Manager who will contact the appropriate board member or officer.

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